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Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Ebony Evans-Keep On Dancin' You Can Win

If it would only be her gentle, smooth and loving voice that caused me to write a blog about a new follower of mine on soundcloud.com: Ebony Evans
and her famous Producer from Philadelphia: Mister Manny Campbell. Before we start to share, listen, buy or download this topic tonight ( which is in case Mannies & Ebony's beautiful music) read this:
  For her sophomore album" You Did It All" Ebony and legendary 
  Philadelphia producer Manny Campbell went in to create album that            built on that brand and sound. With over 50 years in the business                 producing classic soul and jazz music for artist such as
The Rotations, Nu-Rons, Tearra, Teeah Louise , Joe Chambers, Tomorrows Wish and others. The blending of original 'Philly Soul' sounds and feel with a fresh young voice would prove to be classic.

From the moment Ebony entered the studio for her second album, she knew that she wanted to unleash a sound that was soulful, yet melodic. Pretty, yet mature. Something different, yet something familiar enough to entice listeners. With offerings like the smooth and jazzy love ballad "Dance My Love With You" to the infectious " Just Because of You" and the title ballad track "You Did It All", Ebony Evans is here to unleash songs with substance and passion. "I really enjoyed tapping into other topics on this album, some of the challenging parts of relationships, you will find those tracks on the album as well, like "Away With You" , and "Silent Running". Positive affirmations are a part of the album as well, with the uplifting yet groove induced track "Keep On Dancing, You Can Win", which has a message of hope and faith in a better day.

Ebony Evans persona shines bright on her sophomore project, the power and strength of her material gives "You Did It All" the sound of another future classic

Now, let only her music speak for the astounding work in the studio
 with this sound:

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